Marketing Translation

The translation of marketing materials produced for a local market always involves localization and certain creativity, because they have to seduce the target group in another country with a different culture, just as it does in the original language.

It’s a complex, yet often underestimated field – tone, style, target group, competition, and SEO have to be considered in order to archive inspiring content that successfully communicates your brand to new markets and improve your ROI in digital marketing.

To make sure, that the translator receives all the information necessary for a marketing translation project, it’s recommendable to create a briefing and discuss the details in an online meeting or a phone call. Furthermore, there should be a person responsible for answering any questions that might come up during the project.

Before scheduling an online meeting or a phone call with a translator, it’s recommendable that you create your project briefing.

Information that can be useful:

  • Planned starting and end date of the project.
  • Dependencies of the project – for example, the date of a new product launch, planned German Google Ad campaigns, company anniversaries, etc.
  • Contact person for questions after project kick-off.
  • Should all the client communion be in English?
  • Which communication channel should be used: E-Mail, Skype, etc.?
  • Is it a completely new market entry or does the company already have German clients, German marketing materials, keyword lists, glossaries, etc. that should be taken into account?
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