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1. Translation for UX design

To offer a flawless user experience, the potential impact of each word, colour, image, and overall design must be taken into account. Translations can change the interface when designing, so it’s important to involve the translator in the UX project initially.

2. Marketing translation

The translation of marketing materials produced for a local market always involves localization and certain creativity, because they have to seduce the target group in another country with a different culture, just as it does in the original language.

3. Website and App localization

Website, e-commerce, and mobile app localization is the process of customising your digital content for German-speaking customers. By translating your website, online shop, or app into the mother tongue of your target group, you attract more traffic, get more people to download your app and convert more leads.

4. Transcreation

Transcreation is the merger of two words: translation and creation. So, it basically combines translation and copywriting for highly optimised advertising and branding materials.

5. Multilingual SEM, SEO & SEA

If you are planning to do search engine marketing (SEM) to increase search engine visibility to attract German clients, you first need to have an up-to-date keyword list in German.

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Nobody is good at everything – starting out in 2005 I’ve specialized in the following fields:

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