Website and App localization

Website, e-commerce, and mobile app localization is the process of customising your digital content for German-speaking customers. By translating your website, online shop, or app into the mother tongue of your target group, you attract more traffic, get more people to download your app and convert more leads. In other words it helps you to increase your revenue and boost your brand awareness.

Often digital marketing materials are not translated to German with the argument that “most Germans speak English”, but your target groups are a lot more attracted by websites and apps in their own language.

For a successful localization project, it is important to provide a localization briefing*, in order to package the brand and the product or service in the right way for the right audience. Furthermore, it can be interesting to discuss the project details in an online meeting or a phone call**.

Before scheduling an online meeting or a phone call with a translator, it’s recommendable that you create your project briefing.

Information that can be useful:

  • Planned starting and end date of the project.
  • Dependencies of the project – for example, the date of a new product launch, planned German Google Ad campaigns, company anniversaries, etc.
  • Contact person for questions after project kick-off.
  • Should all the client communion be in English?
  • Which communication channel should be used: E-Mail, Skype, etc.?
  • Is it a completely new market entry or does the company already have German clients, German marketing materials, keyword lists, glossaries, etc. that should be taken into account?
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